Posted by Matt Josham

A lot has been speculated lately about the Status of Damien Wolfe, including the posibility of his suspension being lifted in time for him to represent Strickland at Call to Arms.

Commissioner Jack Dobbs has shot down those posibilities claiming that Damien Wolfe will not be allowed to return until he completes a month long Anger Management Class in any facility previously approved by the RPW office.

Jack Dobbs also talked about Wolfe's accusations that he got him commited to a mental health facility, saying, "Neither RPW nor I has anything to do with Mr. Wolfe's recent stay at a lunatic's asylum. All we know about that situation is what everyone has seen in the tapes that Sir Charles Strickland has provided us."

The mystery just keeps deepening as nobody except Sir Charles seems to know what's really going on here. It most certainly looks like we are going to have to 'wait and see' how this Damien Wolfe situation develops.

With Wolfe not being able to compete at Call to Arms and El Omega 23 having refused to represent him, Sir Charles Strickland has found himself in big trouble, and there are reports of him flying back to England to scout for a wrestler to represent him. More information on that as it becomes avaliable.


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